International Conference „Slavic Worlds of Imagination 3: Metamorphoses”

23th-24th September 2019, Cracow, Poland

Gołębia Street 16

Children’s and Youth Literature Research Centre of the Faculty of Polish Studies and the Institute of Slavonic Philology (Jagiellonian University) invite to the third meeting in the cycle “Slavic Worlds of Imagination”. This time we would like to focus on the potential of changes, metamorphoses and transformations in Slavic literatures for children, youth and fantasy, along with literary work based on the Bildungsroman tradition. We invite You to the reflection and discussion over following topics:

metamorphoses of characters in children’s and youth literatures of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (metamorphoses in fairy tales, changing people into animals or plants and vice-versa, magical transformations)

moral metamorphoses of characters, transgressions of opposition good-evil in Slavic children’s and youth literature and in fantasy prose

coming through the life stages, rites of passage

Slavic Bildungsroman, narrations about the adolescence in literatures of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe

metamorphoses of literary genres in the area of children’s and youth literature

motif of the evanescence in Slavic literatures for children, youth and in the fantasy prose

historical, social and culture transformations in Slavic literatures for children, youth and in the fantasy prose

generation changes in literature, generation gap

resistance to the change

changes in reception of certain literary works, changes in literary canons

changes of literary works for adults into the children’s literature and vice-versa

transformations in the future (science fiction in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe)

changes in the aesthetic of children’s books in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe

Please send Your application to our e-mail: to the 1st May 2019. The conference fee is 300 PLN/70 EUR. Organizers don’t provide the accommodation but we can help You giving advice about the accommodation in Cracow. We also invite You to our new website:, where we will provide accurate and actual informations.

You can download the application form HERE.

Languages of the conference: Polish, English, other Slavic

Important dates:

1st May 2019  – deadline for the applications

1st June 2019 – information about the acceptance or rejection of the application

1st September 2019-20th September 2019: the conference fee payment

Organizing Committee

prof. dr hab. Anna Czabanowska-Wróbel

dr hab. Magdalena Dyras

dr Marlena Gruda

mgr Alicja Fidowicz

Patronat honorowy:

Ambasada Republiki Serbii w RP




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